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Karmiel Economic Company.LTD

Karmiel is one of Israel's fastest-growing cities and the regional capital of the north. Currently celebrating 45 years since its establishment, Karmiel has drawn 50,000 citizens by setting new standards for quality of life in Israel, while providing an abundance of employment opportunities, an excellent industrial infrastructure, and first class educational, cultural and community services.
The city is also a flourishing regional and business center, which gives government, administrative, banking, commercial and leisure services to thousands of people in northern Israel. Karmiel's master plan is for a city of more then 100,000 in 20 years' time.

Excellent Transport Links

Located in the picturesque Bet Hakerem Valley, an excellent transport infrastructure means that Karmiel has the benefit of a rural environment with easy access to the country's major cities.
Haifa port is less then 30 minutes by car, and soon a rail link from major commercial centers to Karmiel will begin.

Quality of Life-First Class Services

Karmiel was the first Israeli city to receive ISO 9002 certification for the quality of its services, and is one of very few organizations in the country with ISO 14001 certification for environmental standards. The city has innovative bye-laws which protect the environment and prevent pollution of water, land and air. Karmiel has attracted clean industries and advanced technology enterprises which conform to these rigorous standards. The city is also a cultural center: the Karmiel International Dance Festival each summer has become a premier event in the country's arts calendar.
The city is also becoming an academic center, and educational facilities include the ORT Braude College, which has academic status.
In addition to providing excellent services, Karmiel is one of the very few Israeli cities which operates a balanced budget, reflecting the municipality's respect for good and efficient business practices.

Quality Design

The city has also stressed the highest standards of planning, design and construction. There is a complete separation between residential, commercial and industrial zones.
Avenues are broad and tree-lined with extensive parks and gardens, and each neighborhood is an independent unit with own educational and community institutions, synagogue and shopping centers.

Residents and Work Force

Karmiel's qualities have attracted a top-calibre population. The city can offer employers a highly professional and diverse work force including academically educated senior executive and management personal , and professionals with first-class vocational skills.

Industrial Zones Attract Israel's Leading Firms

Karmiel's Industrial Zone is located immediately east of the city. Covering 3 million sq.m., the industrial area has more then 200 factories and workshops employing over 10,000 people.
Many of Israel's leading enterprises have chosen to locate in Karmiel, including high-tech companies such as SAP, Vishay Electronics, Elbit Systems, and Opgal, and other industries including Delta Textiles, Keter-Plastics, Strauss-Elite Group, USR, Klil, and many more. The Industrial Zone benefits from the comprehensive services located in Karmiel , as well as the city's leading edge infrastructures. Karmiel also has a newly-established Science Park, adjacent to the Ort Braude College.
The city is located in Development Zone A, a top priority region which entitles businesses in the city to a package of tax incentives and benefits.

Karmiel Economic Company.LTD:

This is the Municipal Business Resource Center, which markets and develops Karmiel's Industrial Zone. The corporation acts as the Industrial Zone's administration and is an information center for companies considering relocating to Karmiel.
Businesses contemplating the move are given highly personalized assistance Vis-A-Vis government and local authorities.
The scope of assistance available depends on needs, and ranges from preliminary to turn-key levels. The corporation has a reservoir of business and engineering advisors ready to assist entrepreneurs.

Contact us: Ami Nadir - CEO +972-54-6627260.
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